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when someone is running after you, what would you do to lose them?

would you sputter crude comments their way? glancing over your shoulder to spit in his worn out dragging eyes?

i'd be so confused about the person running after me...who is this man?

one things for sure.
when you really want to get rid of someone, and i mean from your memory, you try pretty fucking hard not to be reminded of them.

so if you're reading this,
the third time of the night i will say this, and the last time i want to personally say this to you.

all of this shit, you've blamed on me.
you're a fucking idiot.
and a god damned junkie.

i'll ask for help when i need it.
yeah okay.

okay yeah lets go ahead and wait to get your life back together, recover a job and and then its okay to start being unstable again?

what fucking reasoning.
i knew it was coming. i had a feeling that day.
i had a bad feeling when i went out i had a bad feeling when i came in.

i'm glad youre alive, and i'm glad you have a place to stay. but thats where my compassion for you ends.

no more will i take take take your shit and live under constant nagging and complaining.

thats all you ever did was complain to me about work or about me.
i had either hurt you too much to allow you to trust me anymore or you're just one fucking selfish bastard.

and i wasnt joking about your writing. i do enjoy it.

but it doesnt mean i'd ever read it again. only because i never want to be reminded of you again.

so leave me the fuck alone.
i asked you that the night you died.
i told you that after you had died twice.

i dont want to deal with you or your shit anymore

so fuck off

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so i guess some writer guy from last year's creative writing class is wanting to publish a short story i did. he left me a message on my answering machine yet i have no clue what story he's even talking about.

oh well.

it'd be cool ya know... i've never been in a real book before. i hope the book isnt just a bucha cheese balls making a compilation of creative works of students....and hopefully if that is the case the other works wont be too horrific...i hope mine wont be either, shit i dont even remember what story he was talking about.

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One thing i just dont get about this particular war.....

Why arent there more protesters, when so many people oppose of this?

I see videos from the Vietnam War era, and i'm inspired! I want to get out there and march, scream and get a point across! There seems to only have been a few of these small demonstrations that have taken place since the beginning of this fucking war.

Why is that?

People arent so adament on persuing something they dont think they can win? Fighting a losing battle is better than not fighting at all in my opinion....

People dont want to be pulled into a certain form of politics that has a meek voice. Alot of people i know really do oppose this war, but when we had anti war rallies at our school it was only a handful of people gathered around the flag pole.

Many people think protesting war is only for the hippies and extremely liberal voters....But come on! if you dont stand or believe in soemthing, why not challenge it?

It's like talking trash to someone and never getting into the fist fight you've been looking for....talking politics is different then opposing politics! It takes alot more effort to just go out there and make something happen, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

i say, everyone here who believes the war is a fucking joke and that we need to stop it, start finding people in your area who agree and want to take some sort of action.
orchestrate a protest, or a peaceful sit in?

Now that Bush has run out on his own country again, i think it's about time we really look at what the fuck is going on! I dont understand how he could have put the money that was supposed to fix the leavee that broke (the one that flooded NO) into the god damned war!

take care of your own country first!

Maybe we should start something in the streets...
who knows, maybe we can all gather our groups together in washington and impale err i mean impeach the bastard!
i know you say, fat chance, but wouldnt it be worth some sort of try? I know this seems so far fetched....but i just cant sit around here anymore, ya know? I hate this fucking thing, as much as the next person, and i hate feeling trapped in something like this!

so come on people!

ahhh maybe i'm preaching to the choir again...

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in efforts to try and get some of my buddy list back (sorry im just freaking out cause im grounded and a loser and im on the computer all the effing time....
please, if you will
im me and give me your screen name again.

mine is :


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Name: Betsy Boop. (aka annie's sister.)
Location: In the adjacent room from her. So the kitchen.
Age: Older than all of you i can tell you that right now. But for the sake of the question, 17.
Sex: female.
Sexuality: i'm not telling my sister this online!
Favorite Bands(I dont want a list of 50 just like 10): Shut up. the Doors, the beatles, pink floyd, led zeppelin, incubus, modest mouse, dexter, janis joplin, mozart, suicide machines, Paul McCartney and wings, george harrison, John lennon, (the old) no doubt, Crosby stills and nash, cab calloway, ella fitzgerald, and yeah theres more, but i dont feel like typing it.
How Did You Find Out About Us?: I saw my sister checking her apps, and i figured, hey why not just give these youngins a thrill by allowing me to become apart of their cafe lounge.
Most Hated Band/Artist: Probably Creed or ICP or something along that nature. You kids may hate Hillary duff and all them "poseurs" but hell, they make mad money!
4 Favorite Movies: JUST FOUR? okay, Amadeus, Truman show, Rebel without a cause, Big fish. (i'm going ahead with more..)Moulin Rouge, The shining (stanley kubricks version) theres more but i wouldnt want to take up this whole page with just my movies.
Worst Movie(Explanation?): I know what you did last summer and all of its sequels. Self explanitory.
2 favorite Books: Sinners and White oleander.
Favorite subject: English, film and art. (what im going to college for.)
Views on new music: Some of it is okay, depends on what they sound like.
Views on life: Life's a garden, dig it.
Views on Politics: Liberal.
Views on Michael Jackson: Musical genius who likes to touch little boys' pee pee places.
Views on Metallica: *thumbs down*
Views on college: EXCITING yet im so scared.
Views on sex: It fucks things up sometimes.
Views on drugs: <--- rehab. nuff said.
Views on parents: My parents? dont get me started.
Favorite Food: Mashed potatoes.
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?: umm duh. 3, but you guys are too young for the owl commercials i think.
Gibson or Fender?: Well, each is a guitar, they make the same chords, same noise, so either would be sweet for me.
Abercrombie or Hot Topic?: Neither.
Tagalongs or Thin Mints?: SAMOAS!
Decaf or regular?: I'm so addicted to coffee at meetings. Regular with cream and sugar please.
Acoustic or electric?: Depends on what instrument you're talking about.
Dying young or living forever?: Both. Go out jim morrison style. he lives forever in his words and died at 27, which i come to believe is pretty young.
Why do you want to join us?: because im bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

is that it, annie?
man that was weak.
in case i dont see ya,
good afternoon good evening and goodnight.
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I stole this (yet another time) from someone on myspace....


Something fun...

Find your birthday and then find your tree. This is really cool and
somewhat accurate, also in line with Celtic astrology. Then re-post it to all your friends, so they can find out what tree they fell from, but don't forget to change the subject line to your tree.

Dec 23 to Jan 01 - Apple Tree
Jan 01 to Jan 11 - Fir Tree
Jan 12 to Jan 24 - Elm Tree
Jan 25 to Feb 03 - Cypress Tree
Feb 04 to Feb 08 - Poplar Tree
Feb 09 to Feb 18 - Cedar Tree
Feb 19 to Feb 28 - Pine Tree
Mar 01 to Mar 10 - Weeping Willow Tree
Mar 11 to Mar 20 - Lime Tree
Mar 21 (only) - Oak Tree
Mar 22 to Mar 31 - Hazelnut Tree
Apr 01 to Apr 10 - Rowan Tree
Apr 11 to Apr 20 - Maple Tree
Apr 21 to Apr 30 - Walnut Tree
May 01 to May 14 - Poplar Tree
May 15 to May 24 - Chestnut Tree
May 25 to Jun 03 - Ash Tree
Jun 04 to Jun 13 - Hornbeam Tree
Jun 14 to Jun 23 - Fig Tree
Jun 24 (only) - Birch Tree
Jun 25 to Jul 04 - Apple Tree
Jul 05 to Jul 14 - Fir Tree
Jul 15 to Jul 25 - Elm Tree
Jul 26 to Aug 04 - Cypress Tree
Aug 05 to Aug 13 - Poplar Tree
Aug 14 to Aug 23 - Cedar Tree
Aug 24 to Sep 02 - Pine Tree
Sep 03 to Sep 12 - Weeping Willow Tree
Sep 13 to Sep 22 - Lime Tree
Sep 23 (only) - Olive Tree
Sep 24 to Oct 03 - Hazelnut Tree
Oct 04 to Oct 13 - Rowan Tree
Oct 14 to Oct 23 - Maple Tree
Oct 24 to Nov 11 - Walnut Tree
Nov 12 to Nov 21 - Chestnut Tree
Nov 22 to Dec 01 - Ash Tree
Dec 02 to Dec 11 - Hornbeam Tree
Dec 12 to Dec 21 - Fig Tree
Dec 22 (only) - Beech Tree

YOUR TREE (in alphabetical order)

Apple Tree (Love) -- quiet and shy at times, lots of
charm, appeal, and attraction, pleasant attitude, flirtatious smile,
adventurous, sensitive, loyal in love, wants to love and be loved,
faithful and tender partner, very generous, many talents, loves
children, needs affectionate partner.

Ash Tree (Ambition) -- extremely attractive,
vivacious, impulsive, demanding, does not care for criticism,
ambitious, intelligent, talented, likes to play with fate, can be very
egotistic, reliable, restless lover, sometimes money rules over the
heart, demands attention, needs love and much emotional support.

Beech Tree (Creative) -- has good taste, concerned
about its looks, materialistic, good organization of life and career,
economical, good leader, takes no unnecessary risks, reasonable,
splendid lifetime companion, keen on keeping fit (diets, sports,

Birch Tree (Inspiration) -- vivacious, attractive,
elegant, friendly, unpretentious, modest, does not like anything in
excess, abhors the vulgar, loves life in nature and in calm, not very
passionate, full of imagination, little ambition, creates a calm and
content atmosphere.

Cedar Tree (Confidence) -- of rare strength, knows how
to adapt, likes unexpected presents, of good health, not in the least shy, tends to look down on others, self-confident, a great speaker, determined, often impatient, likes to impress others, has many talents, industrious, healthy optimism, waits for the one true love, able to make quick decisions.

Chestnut Tree (Honesty) -- of unusual stature,
impressive, well-developed sense of justice, fun to be around, a
planner, born diplomat, can be irritated easily, sensitive of others
feelings, hard worker, sometimes acts superior, feels not understood at times, fiercely family oriented, very loyal in love, physically fit.

Cypress Tree (Faithfulness) -- strong, muscular,
adaptable, takes what life has to give but doesn't necessarily like
it, strives to be content, optimistic, wants to be financially
independent, wants love and affection, hates loneliness, passionate lover which cannot be satisfied, faithful, quick-tempered at times, can be unruly and careless, loves to gain knowledge, needs to be needed.

Elm Tree (Noble-mindedness) -- pleasant shape,
tasteful clothes, modest demands, tends not to forgive mistakes,
cheerful, likes to lead but not to obey, honest and faithful partner, likes making decisions for others, noble-minded, generous, good sense of humor, practical.

Fig Tree (Sensibility) -- very strong minded, a bit
self-willed, honest, loyal, independent, hates contradiction or
arguments, hard worker when wants to be, loves life and friends,
enjoys children and animals, few sexual relationships, great sense of humor, has artistic talent and great intelligence.

Fir tree (Mysterious) -- extraordinary taste, handles
stress well, loves anything beautiful, stubborn, tends to care for
those close to them, hard to trust others, yet a social butterfly,
likes idleness and laziness after long demanding hours at work, rather modest, talented, unselfish, many friends, very reliable.

Hazelnut Tree (Extraordinary) -- charming, sense of
humor, very demanding but can also be very understanding, knows how to make a lasting impression, active fighter for social causes and politics, popular, quite moody, sexually oriented, honest, a perfectionist, has a precise sense of judgment and expects complete fairness.

Hornbeam Tree (Good Taste) -- of cool beauty, cares
for its looks and condition, good taste, is not egoistic, makes life
as comfortable as possible, leads a reasonable and disciplined life, looks for kindness and acknowledgment in an emotional partner, dreams of unusual lovers, is seldom happy with its feelings, mistrusts most people, is never sure of its decisions, very conscientious.

Lime Tree (Doubt) - intelligent, hard working, accepts
what life dishes out, but not before trying to change bad
circumstances into good ones, hates fighting and stress, enjoys
getaway vacations, may appear tough, but is actually soft and
relenting, always willing to make sacrifices for family and friends,
has many talents but not always enough time to use them, can become a complainer, great leadership qualities, is jealous at times but extremely loyal.

Maple Tree (Independence of Mind) -- no ordinary
person, full of imagination and originality, shy and reserved,
ambitious, proud, self-confident, hungers for new experiences,
sometimes nervous, has many complexities, good memory, learns easily, complicated love life, wants to impress.

Oak Tree (Brave) -- robust nature, courageous, strong,
unrelenting, independent, sensible, does not like change, keeps its feet on the ground, person of action.

Olive Tree (Wisdom) -- loves sun, warmth and kind
feelings, reasonable, balanced, avoids aggression and violence,
tolerant, cheerful, calm, well-developed sense of justice, sensitive, empathetic, free of jealousy, loves to read and the company of sophisticated people.

Pine Tree (Peacemaker) -- loves agreeable company,
craves peace and harmony, loves to help others, active imagination,
likes to write poetry, not fashion conscious, great compassion,
friendly to all, falls strongly in love but will leave if betrayed or
lied to, emotionally soft, low self esteem, needs affection and

Poplar Tree (Uncertainty) -- looks very decorative,
talented, not very self-confident, extremely courageous if necessary,
needs goodwill and pleasant surroundings, very choosy, often lonely,
great animosity, great artistic nature, good organizer, tends to lean
toward philosophy, reliable in any situation, takes partnership seriously.

Rowan Tree (Sensitivity) -- full of charm, cheerful,
gifted without egoism, likes to draw attention, loves life, motion,
unrest, and even complications, is both dependent and independent, good taste, artistic, passionate, emotional, good company, does not forgive.

Walnut Tree (Passion) -- unrelenting, strange and full
of contrasts, often egotistic, aggressive, noble, broad horizon,
unexpected reactions, spontaneous, unlimited ambition, no flexibility, difficult and uncommon partner, not always liked but often admired, ingenious jealous and passionate, no compromise.

Weeping Willow (Melancholy) - likes to be stress free,
loves family life, full of hopes and dreams, attractive, very
empathetic, loves anything beautiful, musically inclined, loves to
travel to exotic places, restless, capricious, honest, can be
influenced but Is not easy to live with when pressured, sometimes demanding, good intuition, suffers in love until they find that one loyal, steadfast partner; loves to make others laugh
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